2009.11.25 - 2009.12.26 
Jean Claude Wouters : Bouddhas

Marunouchi Gallery is pleased to announce a third solo exhibition of Belgian artist,
Jean Claude Wouters from 25th November to 26th December.
Jean Claude Wouters is an artist active based on Europe. He principally involve to produce
the photograph work in recent history. However, it can say that he will be the artist
representing a diversity of arts who does not only photographer.
After it introduces his artworks in Japan over two times in the past, he is receiving
a big evaluation from each district. He is collaborate with Authority of various fields in the world.
He is paid to attention to expects it of the activity in the future.
In this exhibition, we will exhibit the work that buddha was made subject.
Wouters makes the object at the marginal field between white and the gray that is closer to white,
or black and the grey that is closer to black. He also make the object abstruct.It caused famous
and unfamous bouddhas as shooting objects to show their own holy more clearly.
This exhibition will crown the last exhibition held in 2009.
Please enjoy beautifull printed photographs by Jean Claude Wouters.

Exhibition View