2006.9.27 - 2006.10.21
The Atelier Collection of BEN SHAHN Gazing Human and Society
Ben Shahn
The Atelier Collection of BEN SHAHN Gazing Human and Society

Ben Shahn's well known lines are unique and original. His lines influenced early Andy Warhol's works and from American Modern Art to Japanese Graphic Art.
Ben Shahn was a master artist of early 20th Century American Art as well as being one of the leading figures of Pop Art. His existance as a social realist, his works have been suppressed by his own country and being put a side in shadow, however he was praised for his great influence during his life time. Ben Shahn created a master piece "Lucky Dragon" series. The series have depicted the fear of nuclear power which attacked an ordinary fishing boat in Japan. "Lucky Dragon" exposed a contradiction towards peace, and it is still a big problem in the world we are living now. Sending out messages of Ben Shahn from Japan becomes very meaningful as Japan was the only country that has been atom-bombed. Marunouchi Gallery is please to anounce the second exhibition of Ben Shahn "Gazing Human and Society" from our collection. This time, from his "Lucky Dragon" series "Beast of The Atoll" is being shown.


A wonderful new book from Shu-eisha, "Koko Ga Ie Da - Ben Shahn`s Lucky Dragon” written by Mr.Arthur Binard along with Ben Shahn`s art works, is published at a same time as Ben Shahn exhibition "Gazing Human and Society" at Marunouchi Gallery. The Gallery invites Mr.Arthur Binard for his lecture on 30th September (Sat.) from 2p.m. Mr.Binard received the Nakahara Chuya prize in 2001. He has a deep knowledge of Ben Shahn`s creations. From Mr.Binard`s world of words, new perspective of Ben Shahn, shall be discovered. It would be a precious opportunity to experience the works of Ben Shahn
and the lecture of Mr. Arthur Binard at a same time. benshahntest