Marunouchi Gallery at Omotesando Hills
Marunouchi Gallery would like to proudly announce that Ryu Itadani is chosen to create an art
work for the celebration of the 1st anniversary at Omotesando Hills.
As a part of the celebration, Ryu Itadani`s "City and Things"
exhibition is held from 1st to 28th of February 2007 at an event space "PE43" (3rd basement floor)Omotesando Hills.
Ryu Itadani`s new creation "Omotesando Hills" is introduced along with his well recognised
works in the Itadani world!

Ryu Itadani "City and Things" exhibition
Opening date : 1st February (Thursday) - 28th February (Wednesday)
at : PE43, OMOTESANDO HILLS (3rd Basement Floor)
Opening Hours : 11:00 - 21:00
Closed : 20th (Tuesday) and 21st (Wednesday) February

>>exhibition view