2006.12.8 -2007.1.27
Ryu Itadani City and Things
Ryu Itadani "City and Things"

Ryu Itadani`s "City and Things" is held at Marunouchi Gallery from 8th to 28th of December 2006.
The artist depicts ordinary cities and things that he likes as pleasant color and humorous lines
yet with nostalgia. This year, Ryu Itadani gained a higher valuation on his talent than ever.
He was commissioned to design a wall for a shopping mall, the Harbor City in Hong Kong,
collaboration with Garcia Marquez and with Isabel Dupre for her
fashion label "Une Vie Avec Elle". This exhibition at Marunouchi Gallery, Ryu Itadani`s
"City" is in the centre of his creation along with original drawings and new attempt to draw
freehand on gallery walls.

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