2010.11.16 - 2010.12.11
Tomohiro MUDA
: Memory of the Walls

untitled(2010年、203x148 cm、Inkjet print and pigment on Paper)

Tomohiro MUDA is known as photographer of antique and cultural asset art work.
In this exhibition, we will feature the work of which the theme is the wall of the common house
on Spain and Italy, can be expected from the title "Memory of the Walls ".
Painting continuous a wall is existence that can be said deposit at time that enclosed time
and history of the land. The scenery that appears there presents us as much like work of
completed abstraction painting though it paints based on special creativity.
It will be the great exhibition that can learn to new side, Mr.Muda by having made possession of
clear shape subject of cultural asset and Romanesque construction.

exhibition view