2007.11.15 - 2007.12.07 Jacques Courtejoie

Born in 1949 in Costermansville, Zai're (ancient Belgian Congo).
Jacques Courtejoie masters photography as a medium to orchestrate his fantasies, drives, fears and earliest memories in a dreamlike way. Not only photography, but countless layers of photographed images and herbiums made by the artist's father. The Works Courtejoie creates are abnormally detailed and sensitive that remain miniature.
Sensuality and eroticism are ever present and they invite you to the world of a boundary between reality and dream.
Looking at only fragment of Courtejoie's world, a peculiarity and uncanniness might be seen. However, the world inherits the spirit of Mement Mori into the contemporary. Courtejoie's works also follows into footsteps of Flemish art genealogy, which he also shares sublimity.

Courtesy of Galerie Acte2, Paris France
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Coordinated by Philippe Bergonzo

Supported by Embassy of the Kingdom of Belgium in Japan

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