2008.07.07 - 2008.08.08
Ben Shahn : Exhibition for the 110th anniversary of Ben Shahn's birth

'Umbrella Over Lineman's Chair on Tennis Court' by Ben Shahn
Marunouchi Gallery is please to announce the 3rd exhibition of the American artist, Ben Shahn.
The exhibition is celebrating the 110th anniversary of Shahn’s birth and going to show his
unpublished works as a heart of the show.
Shahn was famous for his artistic activities toward a realist style, which he used to contribute to
social dialogue and reveal social inconsistency. However, as much as the contents of his works
are important, images that he creates have been very influential to the artists from Andy Warhol
to many other Pop artists and commercial art world.
People might remember the time when Shahn used to be compared and appreciated as much as
Piccaso in 1960 Japan.
Recently, Ben Shahn’s work is receiving less attention but they have not at all lost their attraction.
We hope that the fascination for Shahn’s work will be recollected in the exhibition at Marunouchi
Gallery. Please visit the show and enjoy the works of Ben Shahn.

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