2009.09.28 - 2009.10.30 
Alberto Giacometti 「Drawings from the private collection」

Marunouchi Gallery is pleased to announce the exhibition of Alberto Giacometti.
”Drawings from the private collection” from September 28th to October 30th2009.
Alberto Giacometti is known like suggesting human's real existence by a long and slender sculpture
and a man of great stature by overwhelming individuality in the art of the 20th century peculiarity
of the work, influence to future generations, and abstruse spirit.

There are not a lot of numbers of
works of Giacometti, because he challenged through life
putting it drawing or creating as seen. He didn’t think it important the completion of the work.
Because his creation act is a process to arrive at the truth through the production,
is not only drawing the picture, and creating the sculpture. So the drawn work seems to have been
destroyed from the place .We will exhibit approx ten very rare Alberto Giacometti’s drawings by himself.
Please visit the show and enjoy the works of Alberto Giacometti.

Exhibition View